I am Bianca Blossom. (Blossom is not my real surname). I am a book obsessor, I love helping out in the library, I a enjoy marking blogs and websites…. but most of them got deleted because of blogger… 😦 and I’ve wanted to start this blog for a while.

The only things stopping me, time, money and ideas.

Unfortunately, I haven’t got my own URL yet, but once my blog gets bigger, and I start hosting more tours, I’ll be able to get a permanent URL. For now, this will do.

Reviews… What kinds of reviews do I write?
I cover most genres of books, but mostly these ones:
– Young Adult Fiction
– Mystery/Crime
– New Adult
– Action/Adventure

Want to see a picture of me? I’m too busy to take one, so I’m putting a few pictures of myself, doing things I love.


Me, on my bike.... Well not me exactly...

Me, on my bike…. Well not me exactly…

I'm reading. If you don't like reading... I don't like you! :)

I’m reading. If you don’t like reading… I don’t like you! 🙂


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