Corr Syl the warrior – Garry Rogers

Rating: ★★★★
Three Words: Action, adventure, thrilling.
Age Recommendation: Whenever, it’s perfect for those looking for thrill, no matter if your 9 or 99.

My Review:

About the book and it’s amazing author-

Corr Syl
Book Synopsis
The adventure takes place on an Earth on which intelligence evolved long before humans appeared. When conflict flares between humans and the ancient multi-species Tsaeb civilization, the Tsaeb send a young warrior named Corr Syl to investigate and recommend a response.
To this point in his life, Corr Syl’s only responsibility has been to obey his parents and his warrior trainer. But now he is becoming interested in the beautiful but aloof Rhya Bright, and he is getting assignments form his local district council. When he begins to investigate the human conflict, he learns that spies have infiltrated his district, and he realizes that many lives are in danger. He catches a glimpse of something truly evil, and with no time to spare, recommends a plan that will end the immediate dangers, but that might start a war.
The district council sends Rhya Bright with Corr. Corr and Rhya work together on the plan and become very close. When the Tsaeb apply the plan, they trigger a simmering hatred that unleashes a massive global strike against the Tsaeb.

AUTHOR (who is simply talented)
Garry Rogers
Garry Rogers

Who is he????? Bio:
Dr. Garry Rogers has a PhD in Physical Geography. He taught university courses in climatology, ecology, environmental science, geomorphology, and soils, and conducted research on landscape change in the deserts of the western U. S. and on the Atlantic coastal plain. His books, articles, and blog posts focus on environmental problems. Nature conservation is the underlying theme for his debut novel, “Corr Syl the Warrior.”

Looking like an amazing book isn’t it? Well you can buy it in stores or using these links. Trying to make up your mind? You won’t regret reading this fantastic piece of literature… Just go ahead.
Links to purchase:
Barnes & Noble:
Local Bookseller:

Some websites and more awesome links:
Website (author):

Don’t believe me? Here is prof of how amazing it is:

“A beautifully written YA novel that will captivate environmentalists and sci-fi fans of all ages.”—Kirkus Reviews (starred review)


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