Hello all readers,
I am proud to announce that we have a book blog tour coming to this blog in August!
As a one off special surprise for you all, I have decided that if you share this blog (using the button I am creating now) you get to ask the author of Sedona (Christine Pope) an interview question of you choice.
Don’t have a blog/website? That is totally ok!!! Just contact me and I’ll arrange something, I don’t want any of you to miss out.
What is a blog tour? Have you ever walked past a book shop, and there has been an author in there, signing books or answering interview questions? Yes? That’s a book tour, but since this blog is not a physical place, the author visits the blog instead.
I am very happy that we get Christine Pope visiting this blog, and I want you to make the most of it too. Enjoy it, have fun!
Any more questions can be answered on my contact page, I am happy to reply to inquiries of any sort.

Haven’t read Sedona? Get it now in paper book format at you local book store, or simply on an eBook store.

Remember to subscribe to this book blog so I can organise lots and lots of book tours.
I would also like to thank Sage’s blog tours for organising this. Here is the link for the website:


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